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Sail into a journey of a life time! Journeys by Chance
Explore Indonesia's pristine nature wonders

Sail into a journey of a life time!

By Journeys by Chance 2016年3月4日
Explore Indonesia's pristine nature wonders

Treat yourself to this epic journey, explore Indonesia's pristine ocean and unique pink sandy beaches. Witness natural wonders and at the same time indulge in the luxury of your own private sailing expedition with your friends and family. Taste the freshest meals expertly prepared by your private chef and swim with stingrays and reef sharks with your dive master. A truly unforgettable summer holiday!

From Bali, it's a short domestic flight to start your journey in Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, accessible only by boat. Enjoy unparalleled views and easy hikes on grassy islands that are home to the world's largest lizard -the Komodo Dragon.

World class diving and snorkeling in warm turquoise waters abundant with marine life as well as secluded white and pink sandy beaches. 
Pink Sandy Beach

Sail to the romantic Pink Beach accessible only by boat, and enjoy freshly caught fish for lunch.

This pristine site is surrounded by pink coral on surrounding reefs, which breaks off and washes up on shore giving the white sandy beach a pink hue. 
Nature Wonder

Accompanied by a park ranger, explore the Komodo dragon's habitat on foot. 

The island is home to the near extinction creature, as well as monkeys, deers and abundant bird life. Learn about the dragon's hunting habits.
Nature Wonder

Embark on the legendary Mount Rinjani adventure, hike up to witness the wow-inspiring vista at sunrise.

Watching the ever changing scenery as you ascend and descend Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia. 
Daily Activities

Dive or snorkel around the coral reef, full of colourful fish, sponges, Napoleon wrasse, groupers and the odd stingray.

Swim with black tip sharks.

Watch the mantas glide gracefully through the water with their mouths open, feeding on plankton. 

Dive with grey reef sharks.

Climb up verdant slopes and appreciate spectacular views across the park landscape and the island's four bays, fringed with grey or white sand. 

Settle into the comfortable bean bags on the beach while the crew mix you up a cocktail and build a giant bonfire. 
 Luxury Sailing

Your 34m handmade luxury timber yacht is fully equiped with the latest water sports equipements, with 11 crew members including your executive chef, dive master and expedition captain at your service.

Successful anglers will be rewarded with melt-in-the-mouth sashimi or ceviche prepared by your executive chef.

Dive or snorkel, or enjoy the water from above, kayaking, waterskiing, wakeboarding or fishing. All activity equipements are complimentary. 

A wonderful summer holiday to relax and indulge! 

From HK direct flight to Bali 5 hours and connect to 1 hour domestic flight to the boarding location.   

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