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Norway Arctic Adventure and Courchevel Skiing Journeys by Chance
Hunting for the northern lights

Norway Arctic Adventure and Courchevel Skiing

By Journeys by Chance 2016年6月21日
Hunting for the northern lights

Here is the perfect setting for a thrilling snowy adventure in Europe suitable for families. We take you in pursuit of the Northern Lights above the arctic circle in Norway and down the slopes of the Courchevel.

Dare where no Michelin food critic will go and we will introduce you to the northern most lauded master chef in the world! Enjoy the best local dining experiences using of course the area’s finest ingredients .. wait a minute, aren’t we above the arctic circle? Yes, your senses will be utterly wowed with a daily catch of kingcrab, true Norwegian salmon, wild berries or even reindeer heart!

Oops, I almost forgot to mention your private master chef is married to a husky sledding champion and in the winter she will gladly take you and your family or friends on an epic ride.

Or just for an easy walk with the puppies

Quiet for a thousand years since the marauding days of the Vikings, Norway often seems remote to outsiders, even mysterious – remarkable given its geographical position close to the heart of Europe. Here is the best place to witness the Northern Lights. There is no guarantee to see the lights, last season they found the lights on 90% of their trips and if we have to we will drive you 200km per night if that is what is needed to find the lights.

On your last day in the North, strap on your snowshoes and head to the lakes for an ice fishing trip Your lunch will be prepared on the bonfire and if you are lucky you will get to eat self-caught char for lunch this day!

As this destination is quite remote, we will take you on a private jet to Courchevel! Because of the north-facing aspect of many of Courchevel's local slopes, the snow here is usually some of the best in the whole ski area, and there's terrain to suit everyone from beginner to expert in the entire Trois Vallées.

The village on 1850 is by far the biggest resort village, spreading a good way up the hillsides. It’s the prestige place to stay, where the rich Russians and Parisians head to be seen and to flash their cash! A big plus the worldclass hotels boast as well is its in and out ski facilities.

There are plenty of activities to fill your days with winter joy from fat biking on the snow, snow sledding, snow mobiling but also bowling and indoor surfing in Courchevel newly opened tropical swimming pool!

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